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:spontaneousdance: Bounce Walk UPDATED SEPTEMBER the 19th of 2016 Bounce Walk :spontaneousdance:

July 23: Woooow that was fast! All slots are taken now, but don't worry, I'll reopen them eventually! Thank you all so much :love:

:bulletorange:These commissions are only for personal use, they may not be used to for commercial purpose under any circumstances.  
:bulletorange:If you're interested in a work for commercial purposes, please contact me at:



:bulletorange:HOW TO ORDER?:bulletorange:

:bulletpurple:Send me a note and tell me what's your order. If you can, give me some image references, I´d appreciate it.

:bulletpurple: I'm flexible with prices, themes and poses. If you can't afford something, we'll find a more economical way by changing the background or the coloring technique, so don't worry and ask for anything you need.

:bulletpurple: After agreeing and accepting the order, send me the payment to my PayPal gmail, and I will start doing your comission. I'll show you the uncolored sketch, so you can point any mistakes or needed changes. When everything's allright, I'll go on and send you updates, so you know that I've not been abducted by aliens, until I finish it. Just be sure of all the big fixes needed before I start the hard work and color; otherwise I'll have to charge you some extra.

:bulletorange: I´ll try to finish your commission as soon as possible. The time needed depends a lot on how complex is the picture and how busy I am at that moment, but I don't need more than a month to finish a big commission.

:bulletorange: I will post the final work in mi DA Gallery. You can ask to remain anonymous, no problem with that.


:bulletorange::bulletorange:For FASHION COMMISSIONS, please go HERE :D :bulletorange::bulletorange:

:bulletorange:May charge extra for:
-Winged character
-Very complex outfit

:bulletorange::bulletorange:The background price goes apart and will rise depending of the complexity and extension.:bulletorange::bulletorange:
The price overall varies according to difficulty and quantity. I can't tell you how much it would be without knowing your order, so don't hesitate to ask me anything.

Please note that these are the very basic numbers.

Star Wars the Racebending awakes by LiberLibelulaLady Yeine Darr Arameri by LiberLibelulaMymbihi's crazy look by LiberLibelula

:bulletorange::bulletpurple: Bust :bulletpurple::bulletorange:
Colorless 10€ / Simple Color 20€ / Detailed Color 35€
+ With color, a plain-colored background shape will be added for free.

Commission - Drunk jedi home must go by LiberLibelula Commission - Hold your back by LiberLibelula The binding of Isaac by LiberLibelula Dragon Age - Leire Amell by LiberLibelula

:bulletorange::bulletpurple: Half body (per character):bulletpurple::bulletorange:
Colorless 20€ / Simple Color 40€ / Detailed Color 65€
+ With color, a plain-colored background shape will be added for free.

Dama Serena and Dama Desgarro by LiberLibelula Hogwartsona by LiberLibelula Lif and Lifthrasir by LiberLibelula Mermaid and Captain by LiberLibelula Commission - Holy and Fel by LiberLibelula The Balance of the Force - Reylo by LiberLibelula
:bulletorange::bulletpurple: Full body (per character):bulletpurple::bulletorange:
Colorless 35€ / Simple Color 55€ / Detailed color 95€
+ With color, a plain-colored background shape will be added for free.

:bulletorange: Rules :bulletorange:
:bulletpurple: I don't draw: Massively-exposed genitals, explicit gore, political stuff, dead children... you get it. All the rest is fine by me.

Please send me any note if you have a question. I´ll do my best to make your commissions worth to pay for, I promise.

Thank you! :D
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Hi people! I owe you an explanation for last day's poll in which I asked you why were you following my work.

I guess you've already noticed because I'm pretty transparent, even in the internet. The thing is, I'm a person full of fears. You know, like the Hulk was always angry? I'm always scared, that's my secret. That's what makes me go through and fuels me to beat those demons. Because I really, really like what I do and sharing it with you. You've made me company and encouraged me through all these years in DA and I cannot stress enough how big my gratitude to you is.

So let's get to the point. You'll surely remember my first Reylo piece The Balance of the Force - Reylo.
Hormones, a combination of daily details, perhaps only my own mind and fangirlism, but I got loaded with some sort of wild energy that was struggling to come out in the most unleashed way. This is not common in me, I tell you. So I knew I HAD to do something, channel that energy in a piece of work before it went away and was too late.

I poured all of me in that picture to the point of burrrrrrning my energies (like I usually do), knowing that this was a one-time-thing, and if I waited a single day more to finish it, this special energy would fade and it would not be the same. One never knows when it will come back. Somehow, this process succeeded and the piece became one of my favorites ever. It was a hit in Tumblr. I know it's not THAT big of a hit compared to others, but to me... I had never gotten that much attention or praise for a single piece in that short period of time IN MY LIFE. I was stunned and so, so proud. Hooked to the screen, happy to see that somehow I had managed to send my feelings through the internet and reached other people's hearts. I couldn't believe what was happening.

An then, when things settled a bit, my mind did what it always does. "What if...?" It's always full of "What ifs", which is really good for this work, drawing, creating, writing stories. But these are two faces of the same coin, and this "What if" wasn't the pleasant kind. To spare you more paragraphs, this was the question haunting my mind:

"What if the only thing they like about me is the fanart? What if any other thing I draw is pointless to them? What if I stop making fanart for some time and they start leaving in loads? There are millions out there painting fanart as well, so it's not like I'm special because of this. Should I start making Reylo fanart like there's no tomorrow just to keep them interested in my work? And what would be the point in this? I wouldn't be honest this way! But I don't want them to feel cheated if they started following me for the Reylo and then I don't make art about it anymore. So what do I do?"

As you can see, this had me worried. That's when I decided to create a poll to hear your thoughts, and I was positive that you'd be honest to me.

To my surprise, the votes were very split. I was shocked to see that a great part of you chose the Technique, concepts... even the variety! (A lot of people had told me before that variety would make it harder to sell my art or create a good portfolio) Sure, a lot of you picked the fanart and I'm very happy about it too. But knowing that there are many other things that I make and that you like as well enough to stay... that was my joy yesterday.

I'm no longer worried, but incredibly happy. I can still make fanart, of course, but it's because I feel like it and not out of fear. God knows I've had too much of that in my life before. I just want to create beautiful things to share with you, no matter if they're original or fanbased.

Thank you so, so much for your support and your replies. You're the best and I wish you the best too.

Also I've got another Reylo piece prepared already HUEHUEHUEHUE...
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/Updated December the 29th of 2016/

So do you want some designs for your OC or some culture of your novel/story, explore a thematic or simply order some pretty outfit designs? Maybe some design for your cosplay? I can do it! Male, female, alien, anthro... whatever, as long as they need some clothes! ^^

Bullet; OrangePRICES
Note that these are orientative numbers. A simple pajama would cost way less than complex armor or robes, so don't be afraid to ask me, I'm flexible ^^
There's no limit of outfits per commission and there can be different models or OCs for free up to 2. A higher number would increase the price a bit.
Basic sketches sheet --- 30€
Here you can see some sheets. Some of the sketches are finished in the following pictures, as in Zori (the green-haired girl):
WardrobeSketches by LiberLibelula
The mannequin is your OC --- free (If it's winged, furry or has a complex design, I may charge a little.)
No color --- + from 10-25€ per piece
Colored --- + from 20-55€ per piece

Here you can see some examples and varying grades of complexity.
Commission - Inquisitor's Wardrobe by LiberLibelula

Zori's Wardrobe by LiberLibelula
Inquisitor Adaar's Wardrobe by LiberLibelula

So this is how it works. After I receive the payment, I fill a notebook page with small sketches of designs that I'll show you. It comprehends about 20-25 sketches whose purpose is to see silhouettes, flow and the basic aesthetics. This page needs investigation and a lot of brainstorming, so it has the basic price of 30€.
Then, you select as much designs as you ordered from the page and I'll do them bigger and in detail. for the final drawings, I'll use a generic mannequin (unless you ask me to use your OC).

Bullet; OrangeHOW TO ORDER?
Bullet; PurpleI use Paypal only.
Bullet; PurpleSend me a note and tell me what's your petition. If you can, give me some image references, I´d appreciate it. Explain to me what do you want as exactly as possible.
Bullet; Purple After agreeing and accepting the order, send the payment to my PayPal gmail, and I will start doing your comission right away. If the work is complex, I'll send you updates until I finish it, that way you can point me any fixes needed.

Bullet; OrangeThese commissions are only for your personal use. If you're interested in a work for commercial purposes, please contact me at:

I'm very excited to begin! And you? :iconhurrdurrplz:
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Prints available on Society6 -->
Facebook -->
ArtStation -->… (I don't go there much tbh)
Tumblr (Art) -->…
Tumblr (Personal) -->…

Feel free to drop by, ask questions, take a look, enjoy!
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LiberLibelula's Profile Picture
Libertad Delgado Rodríguez
Artist | Professional | Varied
Tumblr :…

Current Residence: Andalucía, Spain
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Mid-Eastern, Orchestral

I like reading, drawing, writing stories, helping friends, making lame jokes and goofing all over the place.

You Know, This Should be Fucking Obvious by endler New Book Stamp by SailorSolar :thumb125565174: Watch Stamp by AniuProserpina Books over all by PixieRiot Writer Working Stamp by Mirz123 Fantasy by ashesto Color: Purple stamp by Mandspasm I love Dragonflies by WishmasterAlchemist Animal lover. by Monster-Boar Funny Word Stamp by DarkMythril I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Truly Friends by Sedma Good Parenting by World-Hero21 Writers Block Stamp by Mirz123 Love Feedback Stamp by Mirz123 Please Everybody Stamp by Mirz123 Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Thankful Stamp by Mirz123 Rainbow Love Stamp by Mirz123 Curse You Mary Sue Stamp by Mirz123 Change World Stamp by Mirz123 The Facilier Dance by Magegirl-Nino Love to Dance by fear-the-brilliance Tangled - Dance by Vilyane Zuko by Spazzly Disney Manly Men Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Stamp - Tarzan 004 by hanakt Disney Stamp - Mulan 005 by hanakt Walt Disney. by Snuf-Stamps Ranma Stamp - RanmaAkane 018 by hanakt Epic Music supporter by LordPendragonOfCaria Two steps from Hell. by Monster-Boar Troll Race Stamp by The-Warcraft-Legion Hunter by Jinze Priest by Jinze WoW: Goblin by stamp-me WoW: Blood Elf by stamp-me

Why do you follow my gallery? 

188 deviants said Fanart
110 deviants said The feelings caused by my pieces
98 deviants said The technique I use
81 deviants said Concepts
51 deviants said Other (please comment)
49 deviants said Variety
29 deviants said Colors


:iconclassy-girls: :iconfirst-order-fans: :icontheforceawakensfans: :iconxenowomenfans:


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Hi Spidertee! Right now I'm a bit overwhelmed, but if everything goes fine, perhaps in May or June I'll reopen :D
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I'd be super glad to give a couple €€ per month to support your art! I love what you do! (REYLO animated FTW !)
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